The Monrovia Public Library Foundation hopes that all of Monrovia’s residents can enjoy a decent quality of life.
Monrovia’s public library computers exist to give computer and Internet access to those residents who would not otherwise have it.  


In 2014 MPLF committed to replacing all the computers available for patrons’ use in the Library. The existing computers had been installed when the Library building had been completed several years earlier. They were slow to the point of obsolescence, they could support fewer and fewer software upgrades, and they also lacked many recently released programs. 

Replacing the computers will benefit all Monrovia residents, but veterans are among the patrons who use and rely on the computers most. Veterans research VA benefits and apply for jobs with the computers. Our librarians stand ready to assist them as much as possible. However, because the computers have been so outdated, librarians striving to help the vets could not do so. In a recent focus group discussing this problem, the depth of the frustrations was clear. Librarians deeply regretted they could not do their job and help these men and women who had given so much to our country. The veterans themselves were, of course, desperate for assistance they could not obtain.

MPLF committed to replacing 1/3 of the Library’s computers each year. MPLF expects to complete the project in 2016. It needs $75,000 over this year and next to do so. These costs do not include an additional $13,900 needed for technology to improve the Library’s Community and Story Time Rooms.

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