Monrovia Public Library Foundation needs your help.

The Los Angeles Times reports as many as 53% of working-age Los Angeles County residents have trouble reading street signs or bus schedules, filling out job applications in English or understanding a utility bill. The national average is 48%, according to the 1990 National Adult Literary Survey.

Monrovia Public Library Foundation wants to help those in the Monrovia community who can’t read.

The Monrovia Public Library Foundation hopes that all of Monrovia’s residents can enjoy a decent quality of life. Monrovia’s public library computers exist to give computer and Internet access to those residents who would not otherwise have it. 

MPLF committed to replacing 1/3 of the Library’s computers each year. MPLF expects to complete the project in 2016. It needs $75,000 over this year and next to do so. These costs do not include an additional $13,900 needed for technology to improve the Library’s Community and Story Time Rooms.

You can help us achieve these goals. Please donate now.


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