November 2, 2014: Inaugural “Team Up! Dream Up! for Literacy”

The Monrovia School District Team won the trivia competition when it solved the winning phrase, “When you help someone gain literacy skills, you help them for life.” at the first annual Team Up! Dream Up! For Literacy.

Other teams competing for the grand prize, dinner at the fire house with Monrovia Fire Chief Christopher Donovan , included the Mayor and her friends, Book Lovers, Friends of the Library, Monrovia Reads, Quota International of Monrovia-Duarte, and two teams lead by other MPLF board members. Teams consisted of 6-10 players.

The trivia board featured categories named for event sponsors. Every answer in the Sierra Auto category related to cars. The Togos category related to food. Quota International’s category related to hearing health, a critical focus for the service organization. John and Karen Carlson sponsored a potpourri category.

Teams had to buy an answer from game master and auctioneer Janet Wall. In the trivia rounds, Monrovia’s own “Alec Trebek” sold answers to teams at $10, $25, $50, $75 or $100. Correct questions earned clues to solve the  “hangman”-type puzzle. The clues began with 2 letters for $10 answers; correct $100 answers earned the team two words.

2014’s event also included a silent auction, and live auction prizes featured a weekend in Palm Desert, a week in Hawaii, and Lakers’ tickets.

Sally Atkins, a retired school cafeteria worker and Quota International of Monrovia-Duarte member, catered the luncheon with multiple hors d’ouvres, delicious salads, chicken wings and cookies.